Lyn singing to a young man on the dance floor at Kandace and Jeremiah’s wedding in Ennis, TX.

Brinton bringing the night to a close with his amazing vocals on Sweet Child of Mine at this wedding in Spring Branch, TX.

We had a wonderful time playing this filipino wedding at Gilley’s in Dallas.

Kenny Cupid Shuffling with the guests on the dance floor at another perfect wedding in Austin, TX!

Breathtaking ceremony location from a wedding we did for Phil and Jemia in Orange County, CA. Lin and Jirsa captured it beautifully!

Lyn gets the Bride and Groom engaged on the dance floor at their wedding in San Antonio TX

Brinton and Richelle getting serious at a wedding in San Antonio, Texas.

What a perfect venue for this beautiful wedding in San Antonio!

Two of our favorite brides on stage with the band at their wedding in Austin, TX!

Sarah and her bridesmaids performing one of their Aggie cheerleader routines at her wedding in Corpus Christi, TX.

Sean Payton showed up at this private event in Gulf Port, Mississippi!

Not everyone loves Kenny’s trumpet playing as much as this bride.

Newly married and singing with the band at this wedding in Houston!

Another bride and groom on stage with Chinatown in Las Colinas, Texas.

What a party this was at Four Seasons Las Colinas!

Broadway actor Jordan Craig (Phantom of the Opera) and his beautiful new wife, Julia!

The bride and groom on stage with the band in Wichita Falls, Texas

Bride & Groom Singing with Chinatown

Lyn on the dance floor at a wedding in San Antonio

Austin Wedding with chinatown. LGBTQ Friendly

This wedding in Austin was such a party!

Wedding band