Bride & Groom Singing with Chinatown

Sean Payton showed up at this private event in Gulf Port, Mississippi!

Not everyone loves Kenny’s trumpet playing as much as this bride.

Just a vintage guitar at a wedding in Houston, Texas

Brinton and Richelle getting serious at a wedding in San Antonio, Texas.

Lyn on the dance floor at a wedding in San Antonio


Richelle plays bass and trombone, handles choreography for the band and is featured singing from time to time.

Another bride and groom on stage with Chinatown in Las Colinas, Texas.

Newly married and singing with the band at this wedding in Houston!


What a party this was at Four Seasons Las Colinas!

Austin Wedding with chinatown. LGBTQ Friendly

This wedding in Austin was such a party!

The bride and groom on stage with the band in Wichita Falls, Texas

Broadway actor Jordan Craig (Phantom of the Opera) and his beautiful new wife, Julia!

The ladies of Chinatown on their horns.